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Week Two 

So at the start of these weekly posts, I am now going to provide an update on my progress from a metrics standpoint.

This way those of you interested in just the numbers can get what you’re looking for right away!


Total Weight Lost 7 Pounds
Total Fat Loss 2%
Words Written 14,210
Pages Read 1001.5

Day 8, Thursday, December 8th

Today I have a holiday party for work in the evening, so I made sure I woke my ass up on time at 4:00 am.

My writing was much slower today, bringing me just shy of 1k words in the hour I gave myself to write. This morning has felt like I am just going through the motions without much passion involved.

The gym was also somewhat boring, and I didn’t push myself to work hard at all.

Daily writing has paid off, though! I published two blog posts in the same day for the first time.

The first was my explanation post on what exactly the 30 Days of Exceptional Adulting are. I feel like in my book I will expand on this, and let the reader decide what 30 days of exceptional adulting look like to them. Make it a “choose your adventure.”

I like that idea a lot. The second blog post was my recap of the first seven days of this experience, where I published the journaling I do here each day. Not quite as exciting of content, but still educational for those who will attempt to try this challenge and want to read about my daily experiences with it.

The work day came and went very fast, due to the excitement of a two new blog posts, and I found myself heading to the holiday party without having spent any time on the writer’s workshop course.

The party was a blast, and Megan and I came away from a white elephant gift exchange with an extremely comfortable velvet blanket. We contributed a pack of UNO cards. We traded up.

It wasn’t until around 11 pm that I was able to sit down at my computer and finish off the last of my daily habits. In fact, taking the writing workshop course so late at night was a fun change of pace. The content of the course was great, and it sent me to bad just before midnight feeling excited to finish writing The Exceptional Adult.

Day 9, Friday, December 9th

Since I went to bed at midnight last night, I put myself in another predicament. Part of this month’s Exceptional Adulting involves getting enough sleep, which in my case means 7 hours worth.

So I couldn’t wake up before 7:00 am and stay true to the 30-day challenge. I ended up sleeping until around eight in the morning.

At this point in the month, I know how capable I can be in the evening when it comes to getting my daily habits done, so I didn’t worry about things too much.

In fact, after work, I went to happy hour followed by dinner with friends.

At the happy hour I had one glass of red wine, and at dinner, I had grilled chicken, veggies, and rice. Staying healthy no matter what ;).

So I started ALL of my habits at 7:30 on a Friday night.

From 7:30 – 8:30 I took the writer’s workshop course, which continues to impress me with its hours and hours of content. From 8:30-9:30 I read, and finished The 48 Laws of Power. I got to the gym around 9:45 and spent an hour exercising. Tonight was mostly cardio since I was so far behind on my step goal for the day. The workout netted me a clean 4,750 steps. Not bad at all.

Finally, upon getting home just before 11 pm I am now writing this journal entry. Today has had some serious ups and downs, so the consistency of this challenge has shown to be quite the comfort. Nine days down; 21 to go.

Day 10, Saturday, December 10

I woke up at 7:30 am today. Twas a glorious awakening.

Part of this Exceptional Adulting Journey involves getting enough sleep. Sleep is the foundational habit that doesn’t get enough credit, even though it is arguably the most important. The problem with this habit is that it isn’t sexy. You can’t exactly show off how consistent your sleep has been.

Plus, everyone sleeps every night (for the most part), so at first glance, sleeping consistently doesn’t seem to be any great feat. Until you try to do it.

Remember, in my 30 Days of Exceptional Adulting post I outlined a morning routine that would allow me to take out most of my daily habits before I start my work day. This is the ideal because it let’s me focus on work and relaxation the rest of the day instead of planning how to tackle each of the habits outside of the routine.

The difficult part of this is the bedtime of 9:00 pm sharp. potentials not an easy bed time to hit every night, so getting 7 hours of sleep while waking up at 4:00 am can be a little tricky.

So today I woke up later than normal, but hey, it’s the weekend in Austin, so I have nothing to do today but getting my habits done as well as getting some other work done.

So that is what I did. Saturday I meditated for 20 minutes, wrote 1,081 in 27 minutes! I wrote those words in the car on the way to see a movie. My roommate Scott and I drove to our favorite theater, about 30 minutes away and in that time I was able to burn through 1,000+ words. This was a major record.

I can write FAST when I know what I want to write about, and I have a serious need. I doubt I could sustain that speed for more than an hour or two, though. Still, there is a lot of potential for me to seriously crank out some words in the future. I see many books ahead.

Day 11, Sunday, December 11

I woke up mid-morning and went about my business.

Today’s focus was less on the 30 days habits and more on my own business. I still accomplished all of my responsibilities, but my focus was just on other things.

For example, I am planning a big book giveaway!

I’ll be giving away five of the best books I read in 2016, so look for an article related to that soon.

Meditation occurs in the morning. I have decided to start using my headspace application again to extend the time I am meditating. It’s a good tool, and now that I am practicing daily meditation it feels right to start using it again.

Today I spent time learning about Google’s new algorithm of intent based searches. That constituted my “online course” for the day, which was the first deviation away from the Writer’s Workshop since this 30-day experiment started. I’ll be getting back to the workshop again tomorrow. I want to finish that thing.

I think after this workshop I am going to go back to learning to code. I want to have skills as a front-end web developer and web designer for a multitude of reasons. Mostly selfish reasons.

My last Exceptional Adulting habit of the day was daily exercise, which I accomplished in the last hour the gym was open, from 7-8 pm. Love cutting it close.

Side note, why do gyms have crappy weekend hours? Bah.

Day 12, Monday, December 12

Exercise seems destined to be an evening event. I can’t explain it other than I am physically lazy in the morning.

This could just be that I am becoming more self-aware, and now that I don’t have a weird avoidance of the gym I can go there and work out at night.

What I am beginning to learn and understand about myself is that in the morning I am much more motivated and creative. I want to exercise and strengthen my mind. In the afternoon and evening, when my willpower is drained, and I feel exhausted from thinking all day, I find myself wanting to exercise my body.

A strange discovery.

Today I woke up around 8:30 am. This happened due once again to obligations that kept me up later than I’d thought I’d be awake. It happens. A lot, apparently.

It’s been useful, though since I am now accustomed to going to the gym in the evening.

These journal entries always give me something to write about towards the end of the day, boosting my word count considerably.

Tomorrow I am going to re-outline my book and then organize much of the writing I have already done, and start finishing off the chapters and sections that still need work. I want to finish this damn first draft so I can begin the first edit and start writing the second draft.

Lastly, I will be producing YouTube videos again soon. There is no excuse for not creating video content! If I can meditate, write, eat healthy, exercise, and take a course everyday, AND get at least 7 hours of sleep, then I can sure as shit spend some time each week planning and shooting video content. My YouTube channel is starving.

Web Development, Book Writing, Video creation. I certainly love taking on challenges.

It’s what an Exceptional Adult would do.

Day 13, Tuesday, December 13

Why bother with a morning routine when you have nothing but time in the evening?

This evening I meditated, spent an hour watching videos from the Writer’s Workshop course, I ate a healthy dinner, and spent just under an hour at the gym. Now I am writing to you, my imaginary critic, to tell you that I apparently don’t need mornings.

Honestly, I jest, at myself mainly, but at the entire affair. These first 13 days have been a blast. I’m thinner, healthier, better able to handle crisis’ that appear. And crisis’ have definitely appeared. But hey, I am now just strong enough to handle them.

I once heard somewhere that you “will never encounter a difficulty in life that you are not ready to handle.” I can only speculate how the truth of that statement, but it applies to this situation so the I’m using the quote because it works for me.

I have now reorganized my daily routine to exclude exercise in the morning, allowing myself all the time I could need to meditate, read, and write to my little heart’s content. Oh hey, I finished Mastery today. The second book by Robert Green read in these first two weeks. That guy can write. That guy also reuses most of his stories in both of his books. He also recycles the same historical figures throughout each book, showing how they used the various laws of power or showed mastery many times over. I like reading robust books like that sometimes.

Finishing Mastery allows me to finally dive head first into “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris. I’ve skimmed through this book and saw the immensity of great content to be devoured, so I have been antsy like a high school teenager about to get laid for the first time. That was a bad metaphor, but at least I used a metaphor. Metaphors are new to my writing. Hopefully, we’ll see more of them in the future.

Let’s converge back to the point of this entry. The 30 days of exceptional adulting has thus far been a massive success. I’ve lost 6 pounds and almost 2% body fat. I’ve written 12,000 words so far this month, and read a thousand pages, completed two and a half books! At this point I must have watched over a dozen hours of course content. Holy shit people, you can do a LOT when you do a little bit every day. This shit really adds up.

At this point, I think I have said quite enough for today. So without further adieu, I bid you a fond farewell. Ta ta.

Day 14, Wednesday, December 14th

In a rather rare turn of events, I woke up on time today! Hoorah! I then proceeded to make my beloved coffee and sit down to meditate. Halfway through this twenty minute moment of silence, my brain started to crave the new book it’s been wanting to read.

I spoke of this tome (as in a very large book) yesterday. “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris. I KNEW that by cracking open it’s pages I would be thrust into a world of crazy health tips, amazing wealth tricks, and wisdom beyond my wildest dreams. I also knew I’d want to buy about 349 things on Amazon.

So, of course, I started reading it! Come on reader; you know me better by now. I may be a wannabe creature of habit, but I am an absolute whore for knowledge. So I dove in ready to ravish those pages.

3 hours later…

What can I say, I may have bought a thing or two off of Amazon. I also might have spent a half hour contorting myself into weird stretches that you need a YouTube video to replicate. It was a fun morning, but whoa did it distract me.

I woke up on time and got swallowed by a whirlpool of relentless knowledge and didn’t spat back out until I had a mandatory work conference call to attend.

Then I started to feel sorry for myself. It might have been the weather. It might have been that my house temperature was hovering at around 64 degrees, and it might have been that I had not eaten yet. All of these things might have played a small part in my growing melancholy, but I knew the truth deep down. See these 30 days of Exceptional Adulting are just as much about Self-awareness as anything else. My self-awareness spidey senses were tingling.

I’d lost momentum, and the easy part of this 30-day journey had ended.

With every new habit, there are three sections. Much like that of a marathon.

The beginning is exciting, fun, and full of laughter and determination. Then, it stops being that way. The mile marker is different for everyone, but at some point, the inevitable feeling of “the grind” sets in. Now the race is tough, and you have to fight to keep your legs moving.

This second part is usually the longest part of the race mentally. Mercifully this hell ends too. If you keep on pushing eventually, you’ll break past the mental barrier of “the grind” and emerge into the home stretch feeling of “the second wind.” This is where you see the end in sight, and you suddenly find you have all the energy anyone could ever need!

I’ve just entered the grind of the 30 days of Exceptional Adulting.

One super key part to this, though. I am not entering the grind in multiple habit areas; I seem only to be entering the grind of the entire routine. This revelation is both absurd AND exciting.

I’m halfway through this bitch and am only just now hitting the hard part! Not only that, I don’t have to experience it multiple different ways! Habit Stacking on this scale works!


Let’s get this shit DONE!


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