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We’ve all been there. Those dreaded Mondays.

It’s Sunday night; we’ve just had another unforgettable weekend full of fun, relaxation, and laughter.
We haven’t given work, our jobs, or our lives during the work week a thought since 5:00 pm the past Friday. Until now.

Suddenly all the things we have to get done tomorrow come crashing down. That report is due; you have an 8 am meeting you’re not prepared for, or you still need to check in that last bit of code that was due on Friday.

Whatever the case is, your weekend high is now over. You’ve crashed back down to reality, and boy does the hangover hurt.

The following post is an idea I have been thinking about the last few weeks as I have seen my friends and family complain about Monday’s all over social media. I won’t offer too much of a “solution” and more of an idea as to why it happens and what could potentially be done to fix it, in my experience.

Monday is just another day of the week

Yes, it is. There is nothing terrible about Monday. It is just another day of the week. So why does it suck so much? It sucks so much because you binged on freedom and fun on Saturday and Sunday, and you’re now forced to face the music Monday morning when your life returns to normal.

This is the way most American’s view the week. We’re going to start the week on Monday because that is what today is, and many of you are suffering from the hangover of the weekend.


Tuesday: We’re a tad bit recovered

Wednesday: Humpday! The unreasonable burst of excitement for reaching the halfway point!

Thursday: Almost…there. The prize is in sight!

Friday: We made it! So much happiness

Saturday: Debauchery

Sunday: Regret. Sadness. Monday…is…coming.

Monday just happens to be the day after you crash

Look at this graph I made 😛
I start with Saturday to show the first huge emotional shift, so that you can see a full sequence.

Status Quo

You can see on this visual how our happiness drastically fluctuates throughout the week/weekend.

All week long you’re building up stress that you plan on dumping over the weekend. Dumping stress like this is unhealthy because it is not balanced. You create a cycle of excess on both the negative and the positive. It kills productivity, happiness, and well-being.

Monday, re-imagined

Let me suggest an alternative. Bare with me now it is a radical idea.

What if…

You let yourself have fun throughout the week and worked a little over the weekends!?!? Holy shit, guys. Wait, wait, before you start protesting in the streets, let me further explain.

With another graph, if you don’t mind ;). Yay visuals.

Balanced Happiness Starts with Monday

In this example, each day is more or less the equivalent of each other regarding where your happiness and satisfaction are. Sure it still fluctuates, as we are all human, but the range at which it drops is reduced and kept above the neutral line.

Through a balance of work and play all week long, consistently, I believe you can reduce this “weekend hangover” and maintain enjoyment and productivity seven days a week.

This consistency leads to better time management, productivity, and in the end a happier mental state.

Monday, villain no more

This poor day has gotten a bad rap for too long.

Monday is a beautiful day. To me, it represents a fresh start; another chance to kick ass and own the week.

A few ways to make your Monday less of a pain

If you don’t like the idea of cutting back on work a bit during the week and extending a few working hours into your weekend, I get it. That type of lifestyle is not for everyone. Never the less, there are a few things anyone can do to make Monday a bit easier to handle.

Sunday night, review your Monday priorities and responsibilities

Every week, at the end of my weekend I pull out my work laptop, fire it up and check out what my work week looks like. I see what time my first meetings start Monday morning, and I will start blocking off time I know I will need for other work activities. I will also block off time during the day to take walks, read articles, and grab lunch.

This is important because it creates break points throughout my work days that allow me to refocus my mind on topics other than work.

Wake up early Monday morning and get ahead of the curve

I wrote a blog post a while back about habits and productivity . One of the most important habits in this post is the morning routine. This routine is especially useful on Monday morning because it gets my day started early, puts me in a good mood, and makes me feel productive before I even get to work. Usually, that’s all anyone really needs to have a good day.

Check out that post and start your day off with a productive morning routine.

Alright, that’s it for today’s post.

Thank you for taking the time to check this out. If you found value in the post, please comment and share.

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