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I live my life by a set of themes. One of those themes is learning. More specifically, how to effectively and efficiently acquire the knowledge I need to improve myself and my life to the highest denomination.

Knowledge is power, in a way, and I am arming myself.

My most popular post to date has undoubtedly been about the basics of investing, and how anyone can get started putting their money to good use. Why was this post so popular? Investment knowledge is power and all of you wanted that power to improve your financial landscape.

Acquiring knowledge is a passion of mine, and so I am going to share in this post all the things I am constantly researching and experimenting with, to try and improve my skill set. My words should convey my passion for these topics and why I really enjoy learning about them.

Personal Finance

Money really irritates me. A lack of money irritates me even more. I have devoted myself to building a life that does not revolve around, or have a need of money. How can I do this?


  1. Stop spending money on things I don’t need, that take-up time I could be spending on my passions.
  2. Pay off debts as quickly as possible so I don’t have monthly payments for the rest of my life. I don’t think being a debt slave is anyone’s idea of a good time.
  3. Make more money. Preferably doing something you enjoy. This is accomplished by working your ass off.
  4. Investing the money you save. It is not that hard, I wrote an entire post about it. If you don’t want to read it just get a Betterment account set up and start putting your spare money in.

You are better than money. Read some stuff and master it.

If you need a starting place outside of this blog, might I recommend Mr. Money Mustache. He is the king of this kind of the 4 points I made above.

Physical health

In high school, I was thin and athletic. In college, I became much less thin. I spent all of my time in classes, studying and playing video games. Mostly video games. I allowed my health to deteriorate, and slowly gained 30-40 pounds. Not the best of life choices. I was young and extremely naïve.

It has taken me 4 years to evolve out of naiveté and figure out the right balance of diet and exercise to drop weight and keep it off.

This year (2015) I have lost around 7-8% body fat thus far, with another 4% on the horizon. That has equated to around 30 pounds lost.

I accomplished this by learning about nutrition. I learned how the body reacts to all the sugars in our foods, how fat is broken down and leaves the body, as well as how to funnel carbohydrates to fuel muscle growth instead of body fat storage.

Powerful stuff.

I started the learning process by reading The 4 hour body.

Habit Formation

I have an acute weakness for procrastination. You might have the same weakness.

I would tell my friends that I was a professional at the art of procrastination. For the life of me I could not write a paper for class, complete an assignment, or even study for a test until the very last minute possible.

I thought this was just how I was wired, and that it was normal. As it turns out, I had minor ADHD growing up, and the symptoms of lack of focus worsened over time. I never realized this until I started learned about neuroscience and how the brain forms habits.

I now follow a relatively strict set of routines during that week that maximize my productivity and drastically reduces my ADHD. I don’t use medication for this either.

All through the acquisition of knowledge.

Habit formation is extremely powerful and I recommend that anyone interested in it read my post on it. I linked to it above.


If I want to be the badass I imagine, I have to put in the work. I need to spend every single day growing and improving myself.

I will never achieve freedom from money if I don’t acquire knowledge and improve myself. I can only conquer something if I know it intimately.

This is why I strive to learn. I strive to grow, and I can only grow through learning and experiencing.

The end.


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