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This post is going to breakdown my daily thoughts and experiences during my first seven days of exceptional adulting.

If you’re wondering what this Exceptional Adulting is all about, check out the blog post that explains the entire challenge.

As a reminder, I have pledged to do the following each and every day to see how much I could get done.

  • Weigh me and check body fat %
  • Get consistent, quality sleep
  • Meditate
  • Gym or equivalent exercise
  • Write
  • Read – 20-page minimum
  • Healthy eating for 90% of meals
  • 1 hour taking one of the many courses I have bought over the years
  • Record progress of everything

This will happen for 30 straight days, regardless of weekdays or weekends. During the weekdays I will still be going to work (lol), and on the weekends I will still be spending time with my friends and family.

The idea here is to show that regardless of your schedule, you can find time to become physically and mentally healthy, as well as extremely productive in areas of your choice. It is the concept of The Exceptional Adult, all crammed into one month.

**The following entries were written the day they were experienced. So please ignore any blatant issues with tense. The idea here was that each day I would write a journal entry discussing the happenings of the day. Enjoy. **

Day 1 – Thursday December 1, 2016

I expected the first day of the challenge to be easy. It’s day one, I’m pumped, and my willpower is at its highest. Planning for the first day is always the easiest, so I assumed I’d be able to breeze through all of my daily habits.

This was an understatement. I smashed my goals. I woke up early, meditated, wrote 1,500 words in 45 minutes, ate healthy meals all day, read over 160 pages (mostly audiobook while driving from Austin to Houston), and got to the gym for a nice workout.

I have won the day of December 1.

The high of achievement of it is exhilarating, and yet, I know that because it is day one, I should expect a very steep uphill climb.

Day 1 has taken place in Austin, where my house and work are. Where all of my food is, where my scale is, and where my gym is just a few minutes down the road. Everything here is set up for my success.

Day 2, however, will take place in Houston, at my girlfriend’s house, where I will be out of my routine comfort zone.

**I expected it to be difficult, but I didn’t expect it to be as difficult as it ended up being.**

Day 2 – Friday, December 2, 2016

Story time. I have been trying to wake up early at my girlfriend’s house for the last four months without much luck. It’s just really hard to get out of a warm bed when you’re next to someone you care about. It’s also just hard to get out of a warm bed in general, especially when it is not your bed. It kind of feels like a vacation in a way. Climbing out of my bed at 4:00 am is much easier in Austin when I am by myself and the only focus I have for the day is to get my stuff done.

So, this was my first big obstacle in my 30 days, and I had never been able to get out of this bed before 6:00 am.

I woke up at 5:00 am instead of 4:00 am. Still a success! Since I was in Houston, I would not be driving to the gym or driving into work, so that loss of an hour was not a big deal.

During the morning I was able to do about half of what I had intended to get done. I was able to meditate, plan my day, and write a little. However, the duties of the day caught up with me before I could finish off my morning routine. My girlfriend’s daughter, always a relatively early riser, had woken up, and it was time to get her fed and ready for school.

The exercise was accomplished a bit later when my girlfriend drove her daughter to school. I went for a run in the neighborhood near her house. While jogging, I listened to an audiobook. I swear, if it weren’t for audiobooks, the reading part of this challenge would be SO much harder.

In the afternoon, I squeezed in my hour of taking a course. The course is a writer’s workshop from HayHouse Publishing.

Then, later on in the evening, I finished off my daily writing goal while Megan (my girlfriend) and Taylor (her four-year-old daughter) played board games and watched cartoons.

**Day 2 was difficult in the sense that my routine fell apart, and I had to improvise to get everything done. I learned that regardless of routine, you can always find time to do what is important to you. In my case, completing these habits was a priority, so I found time to do them. Big thanks to Megan for providing air cover to give me time to finish off my writing in the evening. **

Day 3 – Saturday, December 3rd

It’s the weekend! I expect weekends to require extra planning to get everything done since there is always a larger draw on your time when many people are off of work, and most children are out of school.

In my case, there was a 4-year-old that needed to be entertained, starting bright and early at 7:30 am, a full 30 minutes after I’d woken up. Ha! So, I let little Taylor join me in planning our day. This turned out to be a cool experience.

We told each other what we were grateful for, said a few affirmations, exchanged our goals, and then wrote down how we wanted to work towards those goals today. Taylor is grateful for her cat Oliver, her stuffed animal Bella, and her blanket. Her goals are to become big and strong like me, to become a dentist when she is older, and to write a book about unicorns, rainbows, lollipops, candy, and of course, gum. Freaking adorable.

The point is, there is very little opportunity to find quiet time to work on weekends, so you need to get creative. In this case, it worked out well.

For exercise Megan and I decided to take Taylor to a trampoline play park called Bounce Bounce. The residual exercise of bouncing around after her for 60 minutes equated to quite the exercise. Exercise goal, check.

I still had to read, finish writing, and take an hour of an online course to complete the daily challenge.

How had I planned to accomplish this? Nap time, of course.

During nap time I wrote this entry, took my hour of the writer’s workshop, and read until Taylor woke up.

Daily challenge complete!

Day 4 – Sunday, December 4

On Sunday, I had agreed to go to an event my Grandfather had put together at his church. I had agreed to go to this event months ago, long before I decided to put myself through 30 days of Exceptional Adulting, so I was going to go.

The challenge here is that I was staying at Megan’s place, and to make it to the event on time, we needed to drop off Taylor across town before we could head to the event. This meant we all had to wake up around 5:00 am to have enough time to get everyone ready, fed, and in the car in time.

I went to bed a bit too late to make a 4:00 am wake up happen, so I instead woke up at 5:00 am along with everyone else. This meant no reading, writing, exercise, or course taking in the morning. I was still able to meditate, plan out my day, and set my goals, which I did with Taylor (again an adorable experience).

In the afternoon, again during Taylor’s nap time (sidebar: I LOVE nap time) I was able to take an hour of a writer’s workshop course.

In the evening, I finished reading via audiobook while I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.

Just before dinner, I convinced both Megan and Taylor to join me in doing a fitness video called T-25. They both loved it and we all got our daily exercise in as a little family. Taylor ended up dancing around the entire time, never getting winded. The energy of children is insane.

After putting Taylor to bed, I finished the daily challenge by writing this entry. Megan is right next to me planning out her Monday, getting ahead of the game while I play catch up.

Day 5 – Monday, December 5

It’s Monday, and I need to drive back to Austin. It’s day five, and I’ve slept in until 6:00 am. That 4:00 am time slot just hasn’t been friendly to me in Houston. Waking up early here is truly difficult.

Normally waking up this late would pose a serious problem, however, like I said, today is a travel day. Since I’m driving from Houston to Austin this morning, I have two and a half hours to dictate my writing, listen to audiobooks, and plan out my goals for the day.

I’m also working with Megan to try and create build up a business, so we had a business call this morning while I was driving to Austin. Side note, dictation is hard. I think I will stick to typing.

Later in the day, after getting back to Austin, I ended up watching one hour of Hay House Writer’s Workshop course in the evening, followed by about 45 minutes at the gym. I will never give anyone crap about how much time they spend at the gym because honestly, the fact that they got themselves there is a grand achievement.

I wrap up today with the final words of my daily writing. Writing seems to be the part of this whole process that I am struggling with the most. Eating healthy has been a breeze, exercising every day has been easier than expected, reading is always easy, and taking an hour of a course has been a pleasant surprise. All in all, things are looking up. Now I just need to get back to the writing.

Day 6 – Tuesday, December 6th

Today I woke up at 4:00 am and crushed my routine. I’m back!

I wrote 1,359 words, read 59 pages, and spent an hour at the gym lifting weights and doing cardio.

It was an exceptional morning.

Throughout the day, mainly during lunch and right after work, I completed 4.5 hours of a writer’s workshop. I had the craving to watch the videos of this course like I used to crave to watch Netflix!

It was an awesome and unique feeling. I don’t have much else to say. My day involved work and Exceptional Adulting.

I closed out the day by getting to bed by 9:30 pm.

Day 7 – Wednesday, December 7th

We have arrived, the last day of week 1!

And guess what…

I overslept my morning routine start time by 5 hours.

Why yes, you might be asking, I did wake up at 9:00 am on a work day!

But, Garrett, you are SO responsible! How could this have happened?

Honestly, I have no idea. I never sleep for 12 hours. Ever. If I had to take a truly educated guess here, I would assume it had to do with the fact that before I started the 30 days challenge, my sleep had not been that great. I also had not been going to the gym everyday, so perhaps my body decided it needed an extra 5 hours to recover.

Not quite sure. Has it affected my day at all? Yes, it has. Will I still complete all of my habits? Damn right I will. I am writing this update at 6:49 pm. The end of this sentence marks my 1,050th word written today. Boom!

Just before writing this I completed my hour of taking a course, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Next, I will be taking a mastermind call until 7:30 and then promptly taking my ass to the gym until 8:30 pm. That will give me enough time to get home, shower and go to bed.

I gave myself my word that I would do this damn challenge, and nothing will stop me from getting it done.


Week one turned out to be a bit of a roller coaster. I expect the rest of the month will be similar since it is the holidays. The more obstacles I can overcome early on, the easier it will be to maintain this streak.

If you’re wondering what this Exceptional Adulting is all about, check out the blog post that explains the entire challenge.

Check Out Week Two’s Recap


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