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*** This post different than my usual writing. First of all, I pose questions instead of providing answers. Second, It is shorter than normal. My goal here is that one of you that read it will come away with something of value. ***




I am thoroughly confused.

What am I confused about? That is a good question. The answer is, I am confused about everything.

What were those three inalienable rights all humanity are entitled to?

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, right?

I am confused about all three. And don’t worry, I am getting somewhere with this.


There are things I enjoy about life; a great many things, like food, thunderstorms, technology, and a great book, to name a few.

What confuses me is how often I take life for granted, how often life gut checks me when I take it for granted, and then how to proverbially ‘grab life by the horns’. I am a Texan after all. We’re always trying to ‘grab life by the horns’.

There are some questions I often ask myself to try to puzzle out what is so confusing to me about life.

  • What are the things I care about most?
  • Why do I not do those ‘things’ every chance I get?
  • What can I do today to live a better life?
  • What is the meaning of life? (Totally kidding. The meaning of life is 42. Google that if you are lost)

I am a very lucky guy. I grew up in a good neighborhood, with amazing parents, and went to good schools, but that does not mean anything when it comes to the confusion that is life. Life does not discriminate on who it confuses the hell out of.

I am only 25, so I suppose I have a while to figure things out.

Your move, life.



I suppose I should probably have a stronger grasp on the concept of liberty since I was born, raised, educated, and first employed in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I promise everyone I don’t take American Freedom for granted. I am just confused about the concept of individual liberty. How much liberty do we (I) actually have and how rarely do we (I) exercise it?

I have a feeling that we use far less of our liberties than we have a right to.

A goal of mine in the next 12 months is to, little by little, liberate myself from my comfort zones and self-imposed chains.

I will be working towards, exploring, and expanding my:

  • financial freedoms
  • geographic freedoms
  • creative freedoms

How will I be doing these things? No idea quite yet. Remember, I am confused, and that is okay.

The Pursuit of Happiness

I love that phrase.

As humans, we are not actually entitled to happiness, but rather a right to pursue happiness, wherever it may be.

Isn’t that interesting? I find it very interesting, as well as confusing. I’ve already discussed my thoughts on sustaining happiness which I truly believe is a strong formula for happiness, but happiness itself is not the confusing part.

I am confused about why so many people seem to give up on their pursuits of happiness. The first two inalienable rights are taken for granted in most parts of the world. That is a huge shame. For most of us life and liberty were given to us by those that fought for and earned it. The only real challenge for us born into the free world is to pursue and eventually conquer happiness. Yet so many don’t. Again, confused.

So here is the crux of this post. Please, stop confusing me and pursue happiness. Also, please do not take life or liberty for granted. While being inalienable, life, liberty, and happiness still have to be earned, so go earn it.

Love the life you live, live the life you love, take liberties you haven’t in the past, and never stop pursuing happiness.

^ Attribute Bob Marley to the first half of that quote. The second half was all me :P.

Thank you for reading my early morning musings. If this post has left you feeling a bit confused, just reread the title, and everything is going to be alright ;).

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