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Yes. Everyone should write.

In fact “everyone,” should do a lot of things.
Like having children, planting a tree,  writing a book, building a website, or all four, preferably.

A large number of people will do all four of those things, and a larger number will not.
On a much smaller scale, everyone should write. There is power in words. There is power in writing them down. I find writing to be extremely therapeutic, and I am not alone.

But what do I write about?

It doesn’t even matter what you write about; write about any damn thing you please.
Write a journal.
Jot down ideas.
Scribe an epic poem.
Send an article to your favorite website about politics, religion, philosophy, or whatever it is that site is all about.

If you are passionate enough about it to turn your ideas into words, then you should. Let the creativity flow.


But what if it sucks?

Your writing will probably suck at first. Strike that. It will suck at first.
My writing still sucks most of the time!

No one knows that better than my girlfriend, who edits most of my writing (she didn’t edit this one though!).

You really shouldn’t worry about that too much. Like all skills, your writing muscle will improve dramatically the more you write, and your thoughts will flow ever more quickly, and ever more eloquently, onto the page.

But who will read it?

Anyone? Everyone! Critics, fans, family (who are both critics and fans) will read it. Hell I’ll read it. Send me a link!

It doesn’t really matter who reads it, to be honest. What matters is that the writing exists to be read!

If you are not the sharing type (yet), then no one has to read it. Again, the point here is that you begin exercising your creative writing muscle again!

Seriously though, I’ll read it. 😉

But, but, but…

You’re seeing the theme here, I’m sure. You have such a talented writer trapped inside of you, that you’ll be able to write the argument in your mind on why you shouldn’t write!

Think about that one for a second. Ridiculous.

The first step is the first word, then the second, then the third. It’s a beautiful compounding effect that turns words into sentences into paragraphs that eventually turn into a best selling book about neck ties, colors, and dominance. (If THAT can become a bestseller, anyone can write.)

So get started my friends!
I just have one final thing to say, and I don’t care if you’re tired of reading it.

Everyone should write.

Especially you.

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