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A week ago I started posting snap chat videos to my snap story. The decision to start doing this was somewhat random . It was a Friday, I was feeling self-expressive, and decided that other people might be entertained by my talking face. Not the humblest of beginnings, but there is a point here.

I then posted snap stories the next day, and the day after that, and so on. I have done this for 8 days straight now and am starting to really enjoy it. Why? Because people like it. I have reconnected with a dozen people because of the videos I am posting. It is amazing! (By the way, THANK YOU so much for sending me such great feedback on the videos.)

I am on to something here.

Habits rule my world. I am obsessive about improving myself and getting more out of each precious day. This can only be done with habits. I use habits in my life to such an extent that I am even writing a book on my experience with the subject (more on that in a later post).

What makes a habit so powerful is that it requires no willpower at all. Your brain has created enough shortcuts so that it does not have to work hard to execute on whatever the habit is. If you try to deviate from said habit, your brain will reel, and work its metaphoric ass off to get you back on the easy path of the habit. If you have a running habit, your body will ache for you to run every day, and in turn, you will probably look great in a bathing suit. Without. Even. Trying.

The most important factor in developing a habit is consistency. Show the f**k up until your brain gives up and creates shortcuts in your mind. Then it’s a habit and is no longer hard work to do every day. Beautiful.

Consistency is more than just a tool for building habits. It is the tool for being a reliable person, for working smart, and for building amazing things.

This post is a rallying cry to myself to show the f**k up and write more blog posts. I want to be a writer; more importantly I want to be a writer that shares knowledge, and that means I need to do more than just write a few paragraphs each day in a book that won’t be published for months.

Just like I have done with Snapchat stories, I am going to show up every day and write here as well. I may not post something every day, but I pledge to post at least one blog post each week.

Because consistency.

If you’re interested in following me on Snapchat, open up the app, and take a photo of the image below. You’ll then add me :).


Snapchat Consistency

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